This movie came out nearly 30 years ago and this statement is STILL true.

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2 years ago one of the nicest guys died from my school. It was the most upsetting thing as our entire community was effect from it. But Adams strong faith is what helped lead me to God. I realized that I wanted to be more like him in that way. Its crazy to think he has been gone for 2 years now. We all miss you bud but I know you are looking down on us and watching over us. Rest In Paradise Adam Blake Smith 💜💜 One year ago on this same day my uncle lost his battle to cancer. Im so glad he isnt suffering anymore but I sure do miss him. He was always doing for others and he had the best sense of humor. I miss joking around with him and I cant wait to see him again one day. Rest in Peace Uncle John. I love you and miss you ❤️❤️

Being the person I want to be

Lately all I have been worried about is how can I make myself a better person. I want to be the friend that everyone needs. I want to be the daughter that my mom is proud of. I want to be the girlfriend a guy is excited to have. I want to be the best student I can be. I want to be successful and make something of myself. I want to be able to look back on my life in a couple years and I want to be happy with the way I carried myself. I want to always stay true to myself. I want to keep my standards high and not let anything bring them down. I want to improve my relationship with God. I want to encourage people to be better. There are people who make me want to be better. I trust that God is leading me down the right path. I have all my faith in Him and I know He is doing something great with me. I have worked through adversity and things that some people wouldn’t have been able to do. Without God. my family, and my friends this would not have happened. I want to help people like I have been helped. I really just want to be a better person. 

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I wish I could write. I get these ideas but I never seem to be able to put them in words.

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I will never understand why people stay in unhealthy relationships. They are suppose to be a happy thing. Not constant fighting. Just because you fall in love once and it doesn’t work out doesn’t mean you won’t find someone else. If a relationship gets to a point where you are constantly annoyed by the person, it’s best to end it. There’s no point in wasting time constantly fighting with someone. We all deserve to be happy and we should all find someone we can truly be happy with. God will put people in your life that won’t stay in your life and God will put people in your life that will stay. But you can’t try to worry about what could of been, because that will only make things worse.

I love being able to express how I feel about certain topics :)